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Desert 5 Feet Cooler
As low as ₹10,999.00

i..     Desert Body Air Cooler.


ii..    Height 5 Feet.


iii..   Powder Coated Colour.


iv..   Cooling Pad Honey Cum.


v..    Fan Motor ( Copper) 18 inch Exhaust Metal Blade


vi..   Fan Motor 3 Speed Controller for Maximum Cooling.


vii..  Fornt Diverter for Air Diversion.


viii.. Heavy Duty Cord Wire.


ix..   Water Pump 40 Watts for Fast Water Supply.


x..    Water Tank Capacity 140 Liters.


xi..   Ball Cock Fitted and Water Leak Proof Tank.


xii..  Free Shipping in Hyderabad ( Call : 9505810031 )

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Deccan 140 Liters Heavy Duty Desert Body Wood Wool Pad Air Cooler

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